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I chose this song because the narrative and message is a very important one and one that I support greatly. The message being about equality between races and just generally being completely against any form of racism. 

The music video for the song is quite famous, mainly known for the morphing of celebrities and people of all kind of different races at the end, which at the time was pretty revolutionary because of the digital effects. The main body of the video is pretty cheesy, featuring dancers from different cultures along side Michael Jackson singing into the camera with flames behind him. I really liked the end scene of a landscape with lots of different countries landmarks like the Eiffel tower, pyramids and statue of liberty together as one.

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Assignment Title: One Hit Wonder

Select a number one hit from the UK charts and respond to this through either

• Moving image

A printed outcome which can be either 2D or 3D

The Rules

The number one hit must fall on your birthdate.

To help you find this check out



You can only choose one track, and by the end of the brief you must

represent at least 2 distinct passages from this (although you are allowed

to present the whole song—but not to the detriment of quality) One section

must be an introduction/title sequence, the others a section of your choice.

As stated, we are not looking for a complete music video, we want you to

explore short passages of 10/20 seconds in length, passages that you have

considered and selected as most appropriate for your creative development.

So to help you achieve this select elements to work from rather than

considering the whole.


This part of the assignment task will be assessed on the following outcomes.

1/ Analysis of the track in visual terms. This will help you produce a

production sheet/treatment, represented in a printed form or digital PDF

describing your responses and creative decision-making. (This was explained

to you in the project briefing) This should include representations of time

codes, storyboarding, production lists, access schedules, visual

influences/illustrations responding to the transition of the music and the

narrative within the track.

Within your selections you must show evidence of responding to the following


The track title

The band name

The beat

The rhythm

The lyrics

2/ Your ability to identify the how your outcome fits with in the full song

narrative and your treatment

3/ A final outcome to include either:

• At least two moving image sequences as described above

A printed outcome, which can be either 2D or 3D relating to the whole track

or at least two specified sequences

Please note: Although the track MUST be responded to in the

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Showing off your holiday pics is so dated; the way forward to let people know where you’ve been on your travels is with the My Scratch Map. A personalised map of the world, the idea is to scratch off the places you’ve visited to reveal colourful, geographical detail underneath, making it stand out. Not only is it a decorative, visual piece to hang in your house, it’s also a more discreet way of bragging about your hols.

OMG i need this in my life.

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Old cassette tapes are used to recreate these rock and pop icons in dramatic artistic form. This beautiful campaign for a Brazilian radio station, was created by agency RC Communication Brazil in collaboration with artist Erika Simmons.

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Yeka Haski   |

“Mr.Foot, fluffy sheep & dog are graffiti balloons, prepared for an exhibition in the gallery “Chistka Odejdi” (Moscow). I was asked to create 3 unique balloon’s designs and here they are.”

Yeka Haski is an artist and illustrator living in Saint-Petersburg. She has always loved drawing characters and magic realities, and knew right from the beginning that’s what she wanted to do for a living. Yeka enjoys working with pure colors, stripes and abstract shapes. Her works are magic mix of fantasy creatures and theme of microcosm, spreading the idea of 4 “F”: Fun, Friendship, Fusion of Forms.

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